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Welcome to this page which explains how to use our application.

To use our application, you must at least complete the following 3 steps

  1. Install the app through App Store or Google Play
  2. You must create an account
  3. Add child (ren) with the establishment code

This will allow you in 2 clicks to recover your child or your children if the establishment uses our application.

In this page, we will explain how to use the application from every angle.

Create an account

Once the application is installed, you must create an account. This account retrieves information to facilitate the approval of the institution.


1 – On the first page, you must choose Create an account.

2 – From the second page, you must fill in the information similar to the establishment for the confirmation. Email and cell phone are very important information, as we validate each one of them for confirmation of your identity.

3 – You will find in this page the icon « < » which means a return to the previous page. It always has the same meaning on every page.

4 – You must read the terms and conditions and click the box. You can also find information on our website:

5 – Confirm the information and then select « Create an account ».

6 – The next window will ask you to write the code you received on your email and SMS (mobile phone).

7 – If you made a mistake, you always have the icon « < » which means a return to the previous page. Mobile phone number and email must be unique in our database.

8 – Once the codes have been entered, you must select « confirm ».

Finish your profile

We suggest that you complete your profile to confirm the language of the application and your preferred GPS transport to simplify recovery.

To complete your profile:

9 – You click on the « you » icon at the bottom of the application.

10 – You click on the « Profile » tab at the very top.

In this tab you will find the information of your default profile. You can take a picture for easy identification during your child’s recovery.

11 – You can choose a preferred GPS transport and the language of the application (French / English)

Preferred GPS transport: We have 4 favorite transports.

The car icon, the bike and the walk are transports that use the GPS functionality of the phone. They work even if your phone is locked. They calculate your movement with the traffic and your delay will adjust every minute. So, if you are caught in an accident or traffic, no worries, our app will adjust the arrival time according to your position.

The timing icon is manual. It does not use GPS functionality and does not correct the time to arrive based on your positioning. The time chosen is the time that will be sent.

Depending on the preparation time specific to each institution, your positioning will be displayed in the console when you enter the perimeter.

12 – You will find on this page the icon « < » which means a return to the previous page.

Add a child or children

To complete the recovery process, you must add a child. Without this addition, the application does not really have any reason to be.

To add a new child:

1 – You click on the « you » icon at the bottom of the application.

2 – You click on the « Children » tab just at the bottom of the profile.

3 – You select the « + » button to add a new child.

4 – You will find on this page the icon « < » which means a return to the previous page.

5 – You can put a picture of the child to simplify identification during recovery

6 – The first name, the name and the group must be registered as in the file of the establishment.

7 – The establishment code is sent to each of you by the establishment. Referred to them for the code.

8 – The bond with the child helps us to simplify the recovery by the school.

9 – Once finished, you must confirm your information using the hook in right.

10 – You will find in this page the icon « < » which means a return to the previous page.

From that moment, you will be waiting for approval. You must wait for the establishment to approve your request. Below the name of your child, you will find the status and the name of the establishment. To add a new child, you must repeat the procedure.

You are finally ready to use the application when you want to pickup your child(ren).

A little overview of the application

1 – The « Today » icon is by default when starting the application and it allows you to recover your child in 2 clicks.

2 – The « you » icon allows you to display what is connected to you. It allows you to modify your profile (5), to add new child (6), to add guards (7), to disconnect from the application (8) and you have the version of the application ( 9).

3 – The « Notifications » icon allows you to see all the details of your recoveries.

4 – The « Calendar » icon is currently under construction.

Add a Guardians

Add a guardian or a guardian/parent with « No restriction » option enabled:

A guardian is a person that can pick up your children at the daycare center on your behalf. We have the guardian that needs to be delegated every day and the guardian with « No restriction » enabled that can pick up the children at any times (without waiting for your permission). Important: Guardians always need to be listed and registered in the approved guardian list of your daycare center. The application will not validate that information.

  1. Select the « You » tab and select « Guardians »
  2. Select the « + » sign at the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select « No restriction » if you want to allow that person to pick up your children at any times, like you.
  4. Enter the email of your guardian (make sure he has a Kouloo account), the link with the children and the children you want to delegate.

Acceptance of a delegated child by a guardian or a guardian/parent with « No restriction »:

  1. The guardian will receive a notification to revise the request
  2. If he hasn’t received it, he needs to go in the «You» and in the « Children » tab.
  3. Select the kid that has been delegated and accept or refuse the guardian request.

Allow a pick up by a guardian:

  1. To do a delegation, select the « Today »
  2. Select « Delegate », choose a child and the guardian for the pick up.
  3. The guardian willl need to follow the procedure « To pick up your children» section.

Note:  The Guardian with the « No restriction » enabled doesn’t need any delegation, he will simply follow the pick up procedure in the section « To pick up your children », exactly like you. 

How do i pickup my child(ren)?

Rien de plus simple,

Nothing’s easier,

1 – You must select the « Today » tab

2 – You must click on the button «Pickup»

3 – You can choose a different transport than the one preferred in your profile.

4 – By default, the application chooses all your children, but you can deselect children by clicking in the small blue square. In addition, the app allows you to add a comment to the establishment for better communication. Example, « Please, do not forget his sports shoes »

5 – Once finished, you must confirm.

It does not matter if your phone is closed the app stays active to make sure you calculate your estimated time of arrival.

The notifications

We added a system notification and one in the application. By default, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone during pickup. In addition, you can also consult them in the « Notification » tab.

1 – From the « Notification » tab, you have access to the various preparation and recovery status.

2 – If you want to delete, you can select them one by one or select the gear.

3 – Once you select the gear icon, you have access to a menu that allows you to mark everything as read or delete everything.

Note that a small number will appear next to the « Notification » icon. This is to signify that you have unread unread notification.


We have a website for application payment when your subscription is expired. You must go to the web service: Parents.Kouloo.Com to subscribe to the service. The information to enter is the same as the Kouloo application and if you have forgotten your password, you can use the forgotten password link. Once in your profile, you can subscribe to the service only if you are the primary account that created the children with the school. Guardians do not have the ability to pay, they are under the license of the primary parent.

Then you must choose the number of months you want or keep the one selected automatically. If you make a change, you will be forced to select the Update button to do the new cost calculation. When your changes are complete, select the orange Subscribe button to proceed to payment. In this step, all you have to do is enter your credit card information and submit the request. Once completed, the license will be applied and the application will be available in the chosen dates.

If you have any questions, we will remain available at all via email: